November 2, 2008 – Brian Deagan – Saving Email from Commoditization

31 10 2008

With everyone’s inbox filled to the brim, Brian Deagan explains what you can do to keep email from becoming a commodity.

We’ll have another Stadium Tech story and let you know what happened in technology last week in the Week In Review. Check back on Monday for the links to the stories.

With the holidays approaching, the TechTalk staff have been very busy tracking down and trying out the latest goodies to try out. Be sure to listen for our upcoming Product Reviews during our Week In Review.

If you have a product you want us to use and tell our listeners about, contact us about having it on the show (

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31 10 2008

Daylight savings time comes to an end this Saturday night. For everywhere that observes daylight savings time, TechTalk will be on one hour earlier.

Our first show after the change is Sunday, November 2.

We will still be on in the Phoenix listening area at 3pm.

For all our East Coast listeners, we’ll be on at 5pm EST until next spring.

On the West Coast, we’ll drop back to 2pm PST.

October 26 – Jeff Atwood on &

26 10 2008

Joining Tom this week is Jeff Atwood. Jeff and Tom discuss his blog, and new site,

Check back Monday for more details and the Week in Review.

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And from our Producers, GO TITANS!!!

Look what one can Dipity do dah with Dipity

21 10 2008

dipity / techtalk

Look what I did and called it productive this morning. It’s dipity and I helped! is a site that mashes webpages, podcasts…and pretty much everything else into these neat interfaces like the one above.

As with most web 2.0 services/sites, Dipity has community features letting you follow users, topics and have quick access to popular topics which are tracked. That is great for people that need ONE more profile to check or one more thing that aggregates your aggregation. Are we seriously this busy?

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October 19, 2008 – Jeff Paul on "Tagging the Web’s Audio & Video"

13 10 2008

Jeff Paul will be on the show October 19 to talk with Tom about tagging the web’s audio and video. Instead of just telling you about it, Jeff set us up with a couple of links. One about his company and a tagged TechTalk about Cloud Computing.

Ever want to navigate audio and video on the web like you do with a CD or a DVD. This can benefit anyone that publishes audio or video to the web.

More about Veotag

Be sure to come back after the show for the show’s Week In Review with tech news you can use.

[UPDATE 10/20 – TechTalk Week In Review]

October 12- Stephen Midgley – IT Asset Management & Theft Recovery

13 10 2008

Stephen Midgley of Absolute Software joins Tom on Sunday to discuss IT Asset Management & Theft Recovery. Both business listeners and home listeners will benefit from the tips, advice and possibly the protction that Absolute can provide for your IT Assets.

Check Back Monday for the Week In Review…

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