Nov 9 – Dave Crenshaw – The MYTH of Multitasking

7 11 2008

This week, Dave Crenshaw joins us to let us know why we need to take multitasking off our resume and focus on one thing at a time.

Find out more at:

Come back Monday for the Week In Review

[UPDATE 11/10: Week In Review]

  • Why Netbooks Will Soon Cost $99 – [slashdot]
  • Dell affirms plans to integrate white space radios into future wares [engadget]
  • Bionic hand makes inventions list [BBC News]
  • CNN debuts hologram technology to beam people in 3-D [Google Popular Tech News]
  • 3 Smart Things About Time Zones [Wired]
  • A Huge Cache of Stolen Financial Data [NY Times]

This week, we will have Dick Davies on covering Web 2.0 and What it means for you!

Be sure to tune in a 3pm MST | 5pm EST through our website




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