Spoiler Alert – We have some great shows to end 2008

14 11 2008

Not only will Dick Davies be on this week to enlighten all of you on Web 2.0, we have stuffed November and December’s schedule like mom’s Thanksgiving turkey.

Next week, Michael Clark from Microsoft will talk with Tom
about Software & Services. More on this early next week.

Holiday Gift Guides in December – Tom will bring you two weeks of cameras, cellphones, handhelds, laptops and every other item on the geek’s list who is near and dear to you.

The Gadget Hound, Ben Patterson for Yahoo! Tech will join us in December to let us know his picks for the season. Our TechTalk staff has also put together some reviews …it is a tough job but someone has to test all the new software, hardware and gadgets.

Keith and his pals at NetworkWorld published their gift guide not too long ago. He will be on the show to tell us about it and other gift ideas, but it is ok to peek. For all of you that get tired of words without pictures, here is some TV to hold you over until you get back to hulu. NetworkWorld does their Week In Review on Friday to keep you up to date until Sunday.

There will not be a quiz, but keep an eye out for the CES Preview, RoboLegManbot from Honda & The Mars Lander tweeted its last tweet before freezing to death due to Martian winter temperatures. The twitter account has since been deleted…too bad. Would be nice to leave up. I am sure it lives on somewhere.

11/14 Week In Review from NetworkWorld.tv

For those that made it this far, rumor has it TechTalk is going to team with CNET to start your 2009 “Listen to every TechTalk this year” resolution off right. Tom also privied the producer to some exclusive interviews from some prominent NYC IT professionals. If you are good and listen every week, we might air them before Christmas. We might make them available here only. We like to keep you guessing…and I have to ask Tom.

We’ll be on the air this Sunday, 11/16 at 3pm in Phoenix and 5pm in NYC ….noon in Hawaii, and 7am Monday morning if you are in Tokyo. Sorry, Craig, we are on at 11pm in Budapest. It is okay if you get the show from the archive. Thanksfor the clock, iPhone. Watch out iPhone, it looks like there is a Storm a brewin’ and it will be here next week!




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