December 13 – SATURDAY! – Keith Shaw – What’s New For The Holidays

11 12 2008

I was just informed that TechTalk will air at 2 pm EST/12 pm MST on SATURDAY! Put it down on the calendar!

Keith Shaw from NetworkWorld is a holiday favorite on TechTalk. NetworkWorld, just finished their holiday guide, and boy are Keith’s arms tired. Along with the Holiday Gift Guide, Keith a special Rock & Roll Fantasy and a tons of video over at

Join Tom for a special Week In Review containing some of TechTalk’s very own product reviews for the holiday season. We will post these reviews over the next week on the blog. Be sure to listen in and check the blog for links next week.

TipTop TechTalk Link of The Week (v0.09)
flickr Library of Congress Photostream –
[BONUS LINK] flickr creative commons licensing

The show will air this Sunday, December 14, 2008 on 1100 KFNX in Phoenix at 3 pm MST/ 5 pm EST.




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