TechTalk Product Review – Pathfinder Checkpoint Friendly Compu Brief from Parragon Luggage

19 12 2008


A bag with a TSA badge of Approval from Pathfinder…

All three of our users were mild upon first inspection of the Paragon’s TSA’s CHECKPOINT FRIENDLY™ COMPU BRIEF. What it lacks in WOW on 5th Avenue is forgotten the first trip through airport security. One less bin, one less thing to monkey with as you take off your shoes and belt is a very good thing. Since most of us aren’t excited about showing off our juggling skills, this bag “gets your laptop through airport security with an ‘unzip and flip’.”

The bag is pretty standard computer bag gear. It is black with an iridescent silver lining. Hearty zippers tempt you to overstuff the various sections. The side pocket protector compartment holds cell phones, pens, business cards and includes the real estate worthy of over packing…because you need both calculators, and there is room if you need it. The space opposite this area is perfect for networking tools and other everyday items for field techs. The file/folder area is also minivan spacious. Now, best for last is the TSA approved compartment. While it is only a neoprene sleeve, it has a “save time and juggling your laptop show at the airport” tag and print on the sleeve.

The maker of the bag, Paragon, went through forms, tests and other screenings so you can save one to two minutes every trip to the airport. If everyone that carried a laptop could save one or two minutes using a CHECKPOINT FRIENDLY™ bag, think of all the time that would save at the airport per day, week and year. An operations teacher could have a field day with this calculation, but we will stick with the vague “lots of time”.

The only key to getting through security quickly is “to not put anything else in the sleeve with your laptop” which means chargers, files, paper, pens…anything… just the laptop, that’s it. Opposite the approved laptop glove are three compartments, continuing the silver motif, that are good for adapters, drives, chargers and the associated what-not’s we all have to have when traveling.

The “one less hassle at the airport” makes the Pathfinder worth checking out for frequent flyers. Even casual or infrequent travelers can get plenty of miles out of the ample storage and solid construction of the Pathfinder CHECKPOINT FRIENDLY™ COMPU BRIEF. The bag as tested retails for $99. There is also a wheeled version for $149 available on their website. There are plenty of bags in the $100 – $200, but there are not any others we have tested that are TSA approved.

Company contact information:

Pathfinder Luggage, Inc.
1111 –A Bell Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780




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