December 28 – Cynthia Leonard – Web Accessibility

27 12 2008

Many companies have websites, but not all of them adhere to common accessibility standards. Cindy joins Tom on the last TechTalk show of 2008 to discuss what should be one of your business’ 2009 resolutions. I know, we told you already.

Tough economic times etc etc. This is not what one can consider an “optional” expense no matter the forecast. Every person that cannot access your site because it does not meet accessibility standards is a potential customer you are discriminating against.

So. Do the right thing – find out if your business’ website is ADA compliant. If so, great. IF not, FIX IT!!

We will not post the Week In Review on Monday – It is a best of our stadium tech coverage. Enjoy and have a happy new year.

The first show of 2009 for TechTalk is a compilation of professionals in and around the New York City government technology scene. Tom was able to get some live interviews at NYC’s GovTech at the Brooklyn Marriott not too long ago. Tom speaks with one of the event’s organziers, a vendor and a 2008 Award Winner ….we’ll post details next week.

Tune in next Sunday, January 4th at 3 pm MST/5 pm EST to 1100 KFNX in Phoenix or stream the show on your computer from KFNX’s website for our NYC GovTech.

LINK of THE WEEK: The WebUrbanist … GREAT STUFF!!! Just go. Any explanation I could string together would not do it justice.



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