Week In Review – What Happend At MacWorld & CES 2009

14 01 2009

The answer is not as much as what happened at MacWorld, but what will not happen again …Apple. Seriously, Apple – the mac daddy of them all will no longer be at MacWorld starting next year. Here are some of the other stories we found from MacWorld

Apple, sans Jobs, made its last keynote at Macworld this year by introducing iLife 09, iWork.com, tiered pricing for songs on iTunes and a 17 inch MacBook Pro.

For the first time in eleven years, the keynote was not given by Steve Jobs. While rumors swirl around Cupertino and the future of Job at Apple, the verdict is in on Apple attending future MacWorlds.

Slingbox announced an iPhone application to stream media from your home to your iPhone. It is coming march 09. No price was announced, but if you use a slingbox, it will probably be well worth it.

Want a better phone interface for your iPhone? Pinger, a free download from the Apple App store, is billed as an ‘improvement’ of phone interface. Searching, sorting and more. It also has the ability to direct message using twitter, facebook as well as other IM and social apps.

We are going to get the iPhone toting producers to download it and let you know if it is worth your time. At free, the price is hard to beat.

CES 2009
Here are four of our favorite places to get coverage for CES and other tech events.

CNET | ROCKETBOOM | G4TV | And yes, as always Engadget

Some of these events will be covered in the upcoming Week In Review. And…and …ok…come closer…too close….that’s better …we have some REALLY COOL things going on that will shake the underlying foundation of social and economic systems around the world. Nevermind, that was subprime mortgages, but we do have some announcements that will change the way you listen to TechTalk. Here comes Tom, I’ve said too much…stay tuned.




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