March 1 – Podcasting & Why Your Business Should Do It

26 02 2009

We like what this week’s guest has to say about podcasting. Steve Lubetkin thinks Podcasting is great and that business should do it. Join Tom and Steve to find out more about podcasting, how to get started and how to use it to benefit your business.

IMI TechTalk is old school. IMI, our parent company, has sponsored TechTalk for over 10 years. Our internet show archives go back to 2002. As times change, so do the way people listen to us. Listen to the Week In Review to find out about some of the changes coming to our listeners …some of which you can already see and take advantage of –>

:cough: new feed and email delivery :cough, cough: –>

Check back Monday for the Week in Review and more links from the show including all the details to find out more about Steve’s work. We also think you will be delighted to find out when the show will be available for download …more to come.

Be sure to tune in to 1100 KFNX in Phoenix at 3pm MST and 5pm EST in the NYC listening area or at

**Time change is coming: The time change is next Sunday, March 8. IMI TechTalk, being broadcast out of Phoenix will be on at the following time beginning March 8, 2009 (until November 1)

Starting with March 8, TechTalk will be on at these times
6pm EDT/ 5pm CDT / 4pm MDT / 3 pm MST / 3pm PDT




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