March 29- Week In Review

30 03 2009

We hope this weeks show got you excited about using Windows 7 and gave you a confidence in switching from Vista or XP to this. Tom and Tony put on a great discussion that was very interesting and informative to listen to. It was a great show to let you learn the odds and ins of the latest Windows product.

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As for the Week In Reviews, here are the stories that we covered this week:

  • Smart Grid Lacks Smart Security- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • Dell Promises Nehalem* Servers, New Services News This Week- PC World- [JUMP]
  • Solar power struggles: DayStar warns, OptiSolar closes- CNET- [JUMP]
  • Salesforce Tweets a Bit Too Loudly- PC World- [JUMP]
  • AdTrack: App teams iPhone with NCAA March Madness, CBS- USA Today- [JUMP]

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March 29 – Windows 7 & This Time We Mean It

27 03 2009

Tony Bradley will be on this Sunday giving you the rundown on Windows 7 (and this time we mean it). What are the cool new features, eye candy and when you can get it on a PC near you?

It should be a great show to help you plan for your migration from Vista or XP to one of the new flavors of Windows 7. Tony will let you know which is best for your home and business.

This, along with our Week In Review to cover the tech news important to you in NYC, sports tech and the top stories from around the industry.

In other Windows news, you can download the release of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

We’ll be on Sunday at 6pm EDT & 3pm MST/PDT on 1100 KFNX or stream us online.

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March 22 – Week In Review & New TechTalk Website!

23 03 2009

We were not able to bring you a new show with Tony this week. Technical difficulties prevented us from recording the show. Hope you had a chance to listen to a repeat of the Sun Data Center show.

Speaking of Sun…what does IBM want with Sun? Was Sun onto something that stepped in Big Blue’s cross hairs like a small upstart from Sunnyvale?

Here are the links from the Week in Review we had planned
  • HOK Imagines the Stadium of the Future – [ JUMP ]
  • iPhone 3.0 Software – Beyond the Hype – [ JUMP ]
  • FTC questions cloud-computing security – [ JUMP ]
We are working with Tony and this week’s guest to see how the updated schedule is going to work out. Either way, we will be back next Sunday with another Week In Review and

The original plan:

Al Whitaker will join Tom next week to talk about Aeronautics. Math, science, the trickle down of technology from aeronautical programs into everyday gadgets.
Link of the Week: is our new website. Bookmark, facespace it. Digg It? The new website is the central place for all that is TechTalk – recent shows, arhives, blog posts, our tweets and way to subscribe to both blog posts and our show as they are released. There is also information on suggesting show topics or calling in during the show to ask Tom or the guest questions.
Conference Reminder
INTEROP – LAS VEGAS | May 19-21 | [LINK]

March 22 – What’s New With Windows 7

19 03 2009

Tony Bradley will be on this Sunday giving you the rundown on Windows 7. What are the cool new features, eye candy and when you can get it on a PC near you?

It should be a great show to help you plan for your migration from Vista or XP to one of the new flavors of Windows 7. Tony will let you know which is best for your home and business.

In other Windows news, you can download the release of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

We’ll be on Sunday at 6pm EDT & 3pm MST/PDT on 1100 KFNX or stream us online.

We have a new blog address
Because we have a new URL and updated website

iPhone 3.0 Software – Beyond the hype

17 03 2009

I sacrificed my time to bring you all the high points of the iPhone 3.0 software.

First – let’s start with the rumors up to this point: copy and paste, background processes, notifications…and – well, that’s enough to get us started. We followed the news on Engadget and Gizmodo live blogs. Good job, guys.

Now, for the Executive Summary – The event started at 1pm EDT at Apple HQ in Cupertino.

3.0 iPhone/iPod Touch Software News [Coming this Summer]

For Developers-

  • 1000 new APIs or a bunch of new ways to work with the OS
  • Developers can integrate Google Maps into applications now, connect devices peer to peer and give users options to purchase
  • ESPN app showed off streaming video.
  • Oracle showed off some apps to push key indicators to your phone (ex: Iventory Item: Bear Pants – need replenished).
  • iPhone adapter port can now be used to integrate other hardware. Medical devices were shown as examples
  • Other features in SDK – LDAP, Encrypted Profiles, Proxy, CTIA Profiles, VPN & Parental Controls

For the End User –

  • COPY AND PASTE!!!! YAY!!!! Works across applications as well. That would have been a big let down if id id not, but at least they proved it. You can also copy and paste pics as well.
  • Landscape Keyboard – the landscape keyboard will be available across resident apps – they previewed it in the Mail app.
  • MMS- Send picture messages, audio, locations and contacts…no video, though [Will not work on original 2G iPhone]
  • CalDav Support – if you use Google or Yahoo calendar, this is a good thing
  • Voice Memos – added as a resident application
  • Subscriptions
  • Spotlight Search* – search contacts; search mail – if the message isn’t on your phone, it will continue to search the server; seems to search all resident Apple applications
  • New Stock app

So, for the most part, it fulfilled most people’s expectations. The Spotlight search was one we did not see coming.

We are going out on a limb and going to wonder outloud if this new 3.0 software is primarily for the iPhone 4G (or whatever they decide to call it). Seems like June would be the perfect time to drop a 4G with a video camera and all the new software at the same time …might as well make a 32 and 64GB while they are at it. And for good measure, they should also inlcude it on the 10inch iPod touch…that sure would be a good platform to make use of hardware that connects using the adapter port. Who knows? We’ll keep listening and let you know what we hear.

We’ll be waiting for copy and paste if you need us.

March 15- Week In Review & Home Security Links

16 03 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the show about home security with our guest Gabe Goldberg. Gabe and Tom covered both high and low tech steps to making your house more secure including information on who to contact for a free walkthrough assessment of your home security.

Read on for our Week In Review links and the links Gabe talked about last night.
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And here is some more news that we brought to you on Sunday in the Week in Review:

  • Apple Redesigned iPod Shuffle hits 4 GB, talks to you- Engadget- [JUMP]
  • More Time Spent Social Networking than Email- PC Mag- [JUMP]
  • Arizona Cardinals Score Technology Touchdown- E Week- [JUMP]
  • Axispoint Selected by Microsoft to Launch First Ever Solution Briefing Center in New York City- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace to Skim 30%, Promises App Approval Transparency- Gizmodo- [JUMP]

From the show:

Upcoming Conferences:

Web 2.0 Expo 2009San Francisco March 31- April 3

2009 will be a tough year in many ways, but now more than ever, the core concepts of Web 2.0 provide an advantage. Lightweight tools, user interfaces, and development models will help streamline productivity and focus resources; new business models will emerge out of the environment of change. Transparency and openness will help avoid disasters and extend our influence, as we learn to trust users as co-developers. Marketers can’t afford to ignore the value of social media, communities, and a new set of analytics. On an individual, team, company, and global level, this is the year we will choose to work on what matters.
And while the fundamentals of Web 2.0 become increasingly relevant and urgent, this is also the time to look ahead. The landscape today enables interactions that were not possible even two years ago, as the devices around us and the data they generate evolve rapidly. Tomorrow’s big ideas are quietly percolating now, in the aisles of major retailers, the back office of enterprises, and in the labs of passionate, independent-minded hackers. We’ll explore the future potential of Web 2.0, so when this storm passes, you’ll be ready.
The web as a platform has shown us a new direction. Now is the time to answer the call and make its principles real in your organization, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand new startup. These are the times when the most interesting things will happen.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you here again soon!

March 15- Home Security Technology

11 03 2009
Gabe Goldberg and Tom will talk home security systems this week. Have a system, looking to get one? Gabe and Tom will covers the ups and downs of Home Security Technology. Don’t miss it.

Through November, we will air at 6pm EDT on KFNX 1100 or listen online at Thanks to all of you that listened to Dick Davies and Tom talk IT Leadership and the effects of a shifting business landscape. Be sure to let us know what you think. Follow imitechtalk on Twitter for show news and the creme of the tech news crop.

Check back on Monday for the show details and our Week In Review links.

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March 8, 2009- Week In Review

9 03 2009

This week we heard from our guest, Dick Davies, about how enterprise software and IT services are being changed due to the economy. It was stimulating show and we would love to hear what you think. Follow imitechtalk on twitter and let us know what you think.

Here are some other stories that we brought to you in the Week In Review:

  • City seed fund finances two tech start-ups- Crains New York- [JUMP]
  • AOL Unveils Platform- A Canada- Media Post- [JUMP]
  • iPhone Users Download Five Apps Each, Use Web Most- PC World- [JUMP]
  • Amazon Partners with Roku for Video on Demand- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • The Secrets of the Sporting Schedule- MNDaily- [JUMP]

More Technology News:

New California Academy of Sciences Celebrates Its One Millionth Visitor– March 3, 2009 San Francisco, CA

The new California Academy of Sciences celebrated the arrival of its one millionth visitor on Tuesday. Jared Miller, 8, and his grandfather Ed Miller of Elk Grove, California, were greeted by Academy Executive Director Greg Farrington and a hundred staff members upon entering the front lobby. The surprised grandfather and grandson, who were first-time visitors to the new Academy, received a bag of nature-inspired gifts, a free Academy membership, and refunded admission.
The new California Academy of Sciences opened five months ago on September 27, 2008, after three years of rebuilding and ten years of planning. Attendance has been running 50% above projections, and it hit the 1,000,000 mark over two months faster than expected.
“The level of interest and support from both the local community and tourists has been inspiring,” said Farrington. “This attendance milestone is a testament to the love people have for the Academy, and their commitment to its mission to explore the wonders of life and its sustainability.”
When asked what he was most looking forward to seeing at the Academy, Jared Miller said, “Penguins and snakes!”

As always, join us next week, March 15, for a discussion with our guest Gabe Goldberg.

March 8- Industrial Technology and Leadership in Today’s Economy

5 03 2009

bios [bible], Robotlab, 2007, week on TechTalk, we will have a guest, Dick Davies, come on the show to talk about Industrial Technology and Leadership. Join host, Tom D’Auria and Dick Davies in a wonderful discussion on how Industrial Technology has changed as our economy contracts.

After the show on Sunday at 5pm CDT, there will be the WIR posted and even more information about Dick Davies and the work that he does.

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The times listed above will be constant through November 1, 2009

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