March 15- Week In Review & Home Security Links

16 03 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the show about home security with our guest Gabe Goldberg. Gabe and Tom covered both high and low tech steps to making your house more secure including information on who to contact for a free walkthrough assessment of your home security.

Read on for our Week In Review links and the links Gabe talked about last night.
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And here is some more news that we brought to you on Sunday in the Week in Review:

  • Apple Redesigned iPod Shuffle hits 4 GB, talks to you- Engadget- [JUMP]
  • More Time Spent Social Networking than Email- PC Mag- [JUMP]
  • Arizona Cardinals Score Technology Touchdown- E Week- [JUMP]
  • Axispoint Selected by Microsoft to Launch First Ever Solution Briefing Center in New York City- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace to Skim 30%, Promises App Approval Transparency- Gizmodo- [JUMP]

From the show:

Upcoming Conferences:

Web 2.0 Expo 2009San Francisco March 31- April 3

2009 will be a tough year in many ways, but now more than ever, the core concepts of Web 2.0 provide an advantage. Lightweight tools, user interfaces, and development models will help streamline productivity and focus resources; new business models will emerge out of the environment of change. Transparency and openness will help avoid disasters and extend our influence, as we learn to trust users as co-developers. Marketers can’t afford to ignore the value of social media, communities, and a new set of analytics. On an individual, team, company, and global level, this is the year we will choose to work on what matters.
And while the fundamentals of Web 2.0 become increasingly relevant and urgent, this is also the time to look ahead. The landscape today enables interactions that were not possible even two years ago, as the devices around us and the data they generate evolve rapidly. Tomorrow’s big ideas are quietly percolating now, in the aisles of major retailers, the back office of enterprises, and in the labs of passionate, independent-minded hackers. We’ll explore the future potential of Web 2.0, so when this storm passes, you’ll be ready.
The web as a platform has shown us a new direction. Now is the time to answer the call and make its principles real in your organization, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand new startup. These are the times when the most interesting things will happen.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you here again soon!




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