iPhone 3.0 Software – Beyond the hype

17 03 2009

I sacrificed my time to bring you all the high points of the iPhone 3.0 software.

First – let’s start with the rumors up to this point: copy and paste, background processes, notifications…and – well, that’s enough to get us started. We followed the news on Engadget and Gizmodo live blogs. Good job, guys.

Now, for the Executive Summary – The event started at 1pm EDT at Apple HQ in Cupertino.

3.0 iPhone/iPod Touch Software News [Coming this Summer]

For Developers-

  • 1000 new APIs or a bunch of new ways to work with the OS
  • Developers can integrate Google Maps into applications now, connect devices peer to peer and give users options to purchase
  • ESPN app showed off streaming video.
  • Oracle showed off some apps to push key indicators to your phone (ex: Iventory Item: Bear Pants – need replenished).
  • iPhone adapter port can now be used to integrate other hardware. Medical devices were shown as examples
  • Other features in SDK – LDAP, Encrypted Profiles, Proxy, CTIA Profiles, VPN & Parental Controls

For the End User –

  • COPY AND PASTE!!!! YAY!!!! Works across applications as well. That would have been a big let down if id id not, but at least they proved it. You can also copy and paste pics as well.
  • Landscape Keyboard – the landscape keyboard will be available across resident apps – they previewed it in the Mail app.
  • MMS- Send picture messages, audio, locations and contacts…no video, though [Will not work on original 2G iPhone]
  • CalDav Support – if you use Google or Yahoo calendar, this is a good thing
  • Voice Memos – added as a resident application
  • Subscriptions
  • Spotlight Search* – search contacts; search mail – if the message isn’t on your phone, it will continue to search the server; seems to search all resident Apple applications
  • New Stock app

So, for the most part, it fulfilled most people’s expectations. The Spotlight search was one we did not see coming.

We are going out on a limb and going to wonder outloud if this new 3.0 software is primarily for the iPhone 4G (or whatever they decide to call it). Seems like June would be the perfect time to drop a 4G with a video camera and all the new software at the same time …might as well make a 32 and 64GB while they are at it. And for good measure, they should also inlcude it on the 10inch iPod touch…that sure would be a good platform to make use of hardware that connects using the adapter port. Who knows? We’ll keep listening and let you know what we hear.

We’ll be waiting for copy and paste if you need us.




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