March 22 – Week In Review & New TechTalk Website!

23 03 2009

We were not able to bring you a new show with Tony this week. Technical difficulties prevented us from recording the show. Hope you had a chance to listen to a repeat of the Sun Data Center show.

Speaking of Sun…what does IBM want with Sun? Was Sun onto something that stepped in Big Blue’s cross hairs like a small upstart from Sunnyvale?

Here are the links from the Week in Review we had planned
  • HOK Imagines the Stadium of the Future – [ JUMP ]
  • iPhone 3.0 Software – Beyond the Hype – [ JUMP ]
  • FTC questions cloud-computing security – [ JUMP ]
We are working with Tony and this week’s guest to see how the updated schedule is going to work out. Either way, we will be back next Sunday with another Week In Review and

The original plan:

Al Whitaker will join Tom next week to talk about Aeronautics. Math, science, the trickle down of technology from aeronautical programs into everyday gadgets.
Link of the Week: is our new website. Bookmark, facespace it. Digg It? The new website is the central place for all that is TechTalk – recent shows, arhives, blog posts, our tweets and way to subscribe to both blog posts and our show as they are released. There is also information on suggesting show topics or calling in during the show to ask Tom or the guest questions.
Conference Reminder
INTEROP – LAS VEGAS | May 19-21 | [LINK]



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