March 29- Week In Review

30 03 2009

We hope this weeks show got you excited about using Windows 7 and gave you a confidence in switching from Vista or XP to this. Tom and Tony put on a great discussion that was very interesting and informative to listen to. It was a great show to let you learn the odds and ins of the latest Windows product.

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As for the Week In Reviews, here are the stories that we covered this week:

  • Smart Grid Lacks Smart Security- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • Dell Promises Nehalem* Servers, New Services News This Week- PC World- [JUMP]
  • Solar power struggles: DayStar warns, OptiSolar closes- CNET- [JUMP]
  • Salesforce Tweets a Bit Too Loudly- PC World- [JUMP]
  • AdTrack: App teams iPhone with NCAA March Madness, CBS- USA Today- [JUMP]

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