May 3- Your Online Professional Network

30 04 2009

This week, Krista Canfield stops by to tell us about online professional networking, and the impact it is having on business relationships abroad.

Krista discusses the importance of building your network online (especially in a down economy), the site’s additional features and functionality, as well as, sharing success stories from members who have been able to do amazing things with LinkedIn like landing their dream job or finding funding for their latest start up.

Guest Reporter Gabe Goldberg from helps you find groups of people who share in your computer success and get you through tech nightmares one meeting at a time during our Week In Review. Come back Monday for the Week In Review links and more. The show will arrive in your inbox or your favorite RSS reader by next Wednesday.

We are on each and every Sunday at 6 pm EDT and 3 pm MST/PDT on KFNX 1100 in Phoenix and on the web at KFNX’s website

You can also listen to the show with KFNX’s live stream [JUMP]




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