June 7- Week In Review

8 06 2009

Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to record the show with Tony Bradley – but he will be on soon to tell you about a component of your economic tech woes.

Here are the stories that would have been featured in our Week In Review this week:

  • Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for US-NY Times- [JUMP]
  • Put All Your Reward Cards On Your iPhone with CardStar- Consumerist- [JUMP]
  • U.S. Military Turns to Twitter for Afghan Hard News- Wired- [JUMP]
  • IBM Delivers New System z Software Capabilities to Reduce IT Costs- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Internet Week Brings Entrepreneurs, Venture Capatalists and Optimists to Otherwise Glum Financial Capital- CNN News- [JUMP]

Come back on Thursday for the upcoming show post.

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May 31- Week In Review

1 06 2009

Ken Dwight gave us a great show – available now – about computer viruses and what you need to know to prevent them. Ken also suggested Trend Micro House Call as a way to diagnose your PC over the Internet. Don’t forget that you can stream the shows LIVE at Sundays at 6 pm EDT.

Now for the Week In Reviews:

  • NetLogic Microsystems Exhibits Reference Platforms At Interop Conference-Trading News- [JUMP]
  • IT Automation Technology Dominates Vegas Conferences-Computer World-[JUMP]
  • Cisco Puts Collaboration In Motion- Tech News-[JUMP]
  • It’s Open Sesame: New Buses Feature Exit Sensors to Unclog Back Door Bottlenecks- NY Daily News- [JUMP]

Also, check out Ken’s Book: Bug-Free Computing: Stop Viruses, Squash Worms, and Smash Trojan Horses

Stop by Thursday to check out the upcoming show post, and thanks for listening!