July 12- Week In Review

13 07 2009

Shelly Palmer made for a great guest to discuss Cloud Computing and Storage. If you would like to check out more about our guest, check him out by clicking on this link—>[JUMP]

And as always, here are our stories featured this week in the Week In Review:

  • Talk Is Cheap. Real Cheap-NY Times-[JUMP]
  • Demand For 13″ MacBook Pro Better Than Apple Planned- Ars Technica- [JUMP]
  • Google Announces PC Operating System to Compete With Windows- Wired- [JUMP]
  • CRA International Helps Develop Electricity Plan For New York City- Pennet- [JUMP]
  • South African Strike Halts World Cup Stadium Building- Bloomberg- [JUMP]

The show will be availible for soon!

Come back this week for our guest Amy Wohl.

The show is aired in Phoenix on Sundays on KFNX 1100 at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST.

The show is also streamed live from this link —–>[JUMP]

Thanks for the support!!!




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