and NYC Data

15 07 2009

Earlier today, we tweeted about and Google’s Public Policy blog. We decided to take a few minutes and try it for ourselves…and that is all it took. We downloaded the CSV from, uploaded & shared it with Google Fusion Tables and made a rudimentary bar chart.

Now, when these are in XML and can constantly update based on the most recent information with the ability to track changes, we will be cooking with [a trademarked vegetable fat]…but this is a great start. If you can make a bar chart in your favorite spreadsheet program AND upload a file to the internet, you are ready to go. Give it a try. Let us know what you create! You can’t improve it if you can’t track it…

We wanted to know what agencies were providing the most data ….here is Our First chart and first use of Google’s Fusion Tables:

DATA.GOV Feeds by Agency

We are also looking for types of data to recommend to the NYCEDC for NYC government data. What do you want to know about NYC? What agencies should get on board first? What data do you ninjas want to slice and dice? DM us on Twitter – imitechtalk or send an email (no attachments) to with the subject ‘NYCEDC – NYC Data’. We will let you know if yours is selected for us to submit and send you a high five if the NYCEDC selects it.

[UPDATE Wed 7/15 2:11 EDT: Our shared table does not seem to be showing up 😦 We tried]




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