Aerolatte – Used and Reviewed

13 07 2009

Photo from aerolatte.comWe got our hands on an Aerolatte after seeing it in the Wired $879 Office product review. The short version is we liked it so much, we bought another one from Amazon.

For our review, Aerolatte sent us their top of the line ‘professional’ stainless steel model. It has a bigger motor, but we could not tell the difference between its functionality over the ‘regular’ model. But it is stainless steel – ipso facto it is fancier. It has the same form factor as the other version but is a little heavier and comes with a stand so you can proudly display your air infusing milk mangler to all who come through your kitchen. If stainless and stands do not fit your decor, there have gray, white, black and a spotted black and white one.

Who are we to say it how it works? We are glad we asked. Our primary reviewer of the Aerolatte worked at a coffee shop for a while and used the big machines. His verdict – “the Aerolatte does just as good a job, if not better at frothing milk. The best part is no steam, so no water in the milk – you microwave the milk, then froth. 2% milk froths like whole milk with it.”

As coffee snobs having foregone drip makers for the Aeropress (does not work well as Frisbee), we are always in search of a better brew – and we found it. We say put your beans through the Aeropress and the Aerolatte through your milk to make a $4 cup of coffee without putting on pants (note: both still work if you are wearing pants, but not without two ‘AA’ batteries which are included). When you finish – pick up your cup, extend your pinky and tell the six people that follow you on Twitter how fancy you are.

In closing – Thumbs up! Frothy milky mustaches all around! Next time you class up the kitchen with fancy coffee, do it right…or any other concoction you find or create.

We were going to link to a story about the FCC requiring us to tell you Aerolatte sent us one of these at no cost, but we fell asleep looking at their website.

Originally Posted: 7/2/2009
Posted Again in Entirety: 7/13/09


July 12- Storage Space With Cloud Computing

9 07 2009

[UPDATE 7/15 – Download/Listen to the show with Shelly]
Shelly Palmer stops by this week to tell us about “Cloud Computing and Storage”. Shelly Palmer is the host of MediaBytes, a daily show you can use about technology, media, and entertainment. He invented to underlying technology for Enhanced TV (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Monday Night Football), the most popular form of interactive television in the United States. He is also the President of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the society that bestows the coveted Emmy Awards).

With these credentials, it is sure to be a great show, and one that you definitely do not want to miss.

The show will air this Sunday at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST in the Greater Phoenix area on KFNX 1100.

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July 3- Week In Review

6 07 2009

We ended up having holiday plans interfere with the show, but we hope everyone had a great fourth of July.

Here are the stories that would have been featured in this week’s Week In Review:

  • U.S. Government Launches Web Site to Track IT Spending- Slashdot- [JUMP]
  • Cool Search Engines That Are Not Google- Wired- [JUMP]
  • $4 Billion in Broadband Stimulus Grants Tied to Strict Net Neutrality Rules- Wired- [JUMP]
  • AT&T Connects San Fransisco Giants Fans with Exclusive Wireless Content, Team Chatter, News, Sweeps and Special Offers Via AT&T Park Activities-WebWire-[JUMP]

Stop back by for our upcoming show post which will be availible on Thursday.

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July 3- Unified Messaging Adds Fireworks To a Business

2 07 2009

David Levy stops by to tell us about “Enterprise Unified Messaging”. As Chief Executive Officer, David Levy sets corporate direction, and establishes high-level strategic objectives. David is a co-founder of Velartica acquired the assets of ObjectWorld in Spring of 2004. Dave brings over 30 years of experience commercializing emerging technologies into successful communications and computing businesses.

The show will be a good one and I urge you to listen to it.

If you are in the greater Phoenix area, tune in on KFNX 1100 at 6 pm EDT/3 pm MST.

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