August 30- Week In Review

31 08 2009

The show with Robert Hoekman Jr. was one that you will want to hear more than once.  The show will be available for download shortly.  

This week in our Week In Review portion, we not only had stories from this past week, but we also featured upcoming tech events that are going to be ones that you don’t want to miss out on.  Here are the stories that we featured:
  • UK Says Illegal Downloaders May Loose Web Access- Google News- [JUMP]
  • Microsoft Delivers OneApp app Framework for Featurephones- USA Today- [JUMP]
  • Apple Lifts Curtain on App Store Approvals- NY Times- [JUMP]
  • For Cowboy Owner, Time to Go Back to the Video Drawing Board- NY Times- [JUMP]

Upcoming Conferences:


Mommy Tech Summit

Mommy Tech will take an in-depth look at the newest products and ideas for the burgeoning mom market.  The exhibit/conference will focus on the tools of the mommy trade, how to talk and listen to moms when building products, and how moms use tech to keep track of their busy lives. Conference: January 8, 2010


Higher Ed Tech Summit

Today’s college students are robust consumers of Information Age technologies. With a single keystroke they access information that would take hours to locate in a brick-and-mortar library, if it could be found at all. The Higher Ed Tech Summit will shine a spotlight on the key issues of high-tech higher education. Conference: January 8, 2010


Digital Health Summit

The dHealth Summit focuses on the convergence of technology and healthcare and how they provide solutions to many of the most vexing healthcare-related issues. Today’s generation of high-tech healthcare products and services will be the catalyst for better managed healthcare, patient/doctor communication, lowered costs for health insurance, and early prevention and detection.  Conference: January 9, 2010

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August 30- Developing a User Experience Strategy

27 08 2009
This week, our guest, Robert Hoekman, will stop by to tell us about “How to Develop a User Experience Strategy”.

Robert Hoekman, Jr., is the author of Designing the Obvious (New Riders) and Designing the Moment (New Riders), and is the founder of Miskeeto, a user experience, usability, and training collective. Robert has worked with Seth Godin (Squidoo), Adobe, Automattic, United Airlines,, and countless others, and has spoken at many industry events, including An Event Apart, Web App Summit, SXSW, and Future of Web Design. Learn more about Robert through his blog at

The show airs on Sundays at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST on KFNX– 1100 in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Not in Phoenix or can’t make it to your radio, stream the show from this link.

August 16- Week In Review

17 08 2009

David Levy gave a great show about “The Advantages of Unified Messaging in an Enterprise”.  To find out more info on David Levy, visit 

Now, for the Week In Review:
  • 3D Printers Make Manufacturing Accessible- Wired- [JUMP]
  • Google Wants Testers for It’s Latest Search Algorithm- Wired- [JUMP]
  • Getting Your Wireless Network Up To Speed- NY Times- [JUMP]
  • Schools Go Green, Save Green- Long Island Press- [JUMP]
  • Scarlet Knights Add Seats in Football Stadium- [JUMP]
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August 16- The Benefits of Unified Communications in an Enterprise

13 08 2009

This Sunday, David Levy will tell us what are the pros and cons of Unified Communications in an Enterprise setting. He will also be telling us about the work that goes into setting it up for you company and how much of an advantage Unified Communications is for your company.

David is the Chief Operating Officer of Velatica, which acquired the assets of ObjectWorld in 2004. With 30 years of experience brought to the show for this topic, it will be one that you do not want to miss!

The show will air this Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST on KFNX-1100 in the Greater Phoenix area.

You can also stream the show live at the same time from this link.

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August 9- Week In Review

10 08 2009

Amy Wohl gave us several bits of information about “Cloud Computing’s Past and Future”. The show will be availible for download shortly. For more information about Amy Wohl, check out the link——>[JUMP]

Now for out stories featured in the Week In Review:

  • Google Muscling In On Microsoft Enterprise- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • FedEx Plans Nations Largest Rooftop Solar Array-Reuters- [JUMP]
  • Apple Dumps App. Developer and His 900+ Apps. From App. Store- Ars Technica- [JUMP]
  • Recovery Act: Big Apple Expects Little Bite- Unstrung- [JUMP]
  • Orlando Areana Rights Are All In The Family Naming- Orlando Sentinel- [JUMP]

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August 9- Cloud Computing: Past and Future

5 08 2009

This week our guest, Amy Wohl, stops by to give us more insight about Cloud Computing. From where it came from to what can be expected from it in the future, Amy will tell us many facts that most don’t know about Cloud Computing.

Amy Wohl, President of Wohl Associates, a consulting firm established in 1984 is the keynote speaker for the Computer Measurment Group annual conference- CMG ’09. Wohl is a noted expert on the computer market and is also the author of the book How to Succeed at SaaS: Computing in the Clouds.

With these credentials, Amy will give us much information on Cloud Computing.

The show will air on Sunday, August 9, 2009 @ 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm MST on KFNX 1100- Phoenix, and can be streamed live from this link——>[JUMP]

August 2- Week In Review

3 08 2009

We hope you all know what to look for now when it comes to “Getting The Most Out of Your Computer Resources” thanks to the help of our guest, Larry O’Conner. The show is available for download. For more information on Larry, check out his website:

Now for the stories featured in this week’s Week In Review segment:

  • If Your Happy and You Know It, Tell Your Phone- NY Times- [JUMP]
  • HP Dinged By Green Peace Over Enviro-Friendly Computers-Information Week-[JUMP]
  • Apple Rejects Official Google Voice iPhone App.-Gizmodo-[JUMP]
  • Amazing Stadium Has New Car Smell-Tulsa World-[JUMP]
  • Verizon FiOS TV Celebrates Its First Year of Operation In New York City- PR News-[JUMP]

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