December 6- Week In Review

7 12 2009

This week’s show with Keith Shaw from Network World was another great one. If you have any questions for Keith, feel free to email him at or find him on twitter, @shawkeith.

Here are the stories featured in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • Toyota’s Sudden Acceleration- LA Times- [JUMP]
  • Office 2010 Ship Date Revealed- Information Week- [JUMP]
  • How To Make Quality Comments, Earn A Star and Be A Hero- Gizmodo– [JUMP]
  • Square iPhone Payment System Gets Itself A Website, Showcased In Public- Engadget– [JUMP]
  • For $150, Cisco Routers Will Play Flip Videos On Your TV- NY Times- [JUMP]
  • Equipment & Components: Gym and Arena- Athletic Business- [JUMP]
  • An Energy Answer In The Shale Below- Washington Post- [JUMP]
Stop by on Thursday for the upcoming show post… Thanks for the support!



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