December 27-Get Out of the Way! It’s 2010!

28 12 2009

Tech Talk hopes that everyone had a wonderful holiday, and still a great new year to come. Our guest, Kevin Mahon, stopped by this past Sunday to talk about “How Businesses Can Prepare for Web Traffic in 2010.” It is available for download HERE.

Here are the stories feature in our Week In Review:
  • Hacked Wiimote Makes Super Scientific Sensor- Gizmodo– [JUMP]
  • 22 Million Bush-Era Emails Found- Philadelphia Enquirer- [JUMP]
  • NYC’s Best-App Contest Opens For Worldwide Voting- Wired- [JUMP]
  • Cowboy Stadium 3D Scoreboard Experiment Doesn’t Go So Well, Turned Off In Less Than Seven Minutes- Engadget– [JUMP]
  • Kill Slightly Fewer Trees By Leaving Junk Mail Lists- Consumerist- [JUMP]
Stop by on Thursday for our show description post, and have a great new year!
See you on the other side…




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