May 2: Net Neutrality and the Future of Broadband

30 04 2010

This week, long time guest Tony Bradley stops by to discuss “Net Neutrality and the Future of Broadband”. Specifically, he will be discussing what net neutrality is, how it is incorporated in everyday life, and what we can expect for broadband in the future.

The show will air this Sunday, May 2, 2010 @ 3 pm MST | 6 pm EDT on KFNX 1100- Phoenix, and will be streamed live from this link.
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April 25- Week In Review

26 04 2010

The show on Sunday was filled with information on what all is included on the topic of cyber-bullying. The available to [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN].

Here are the stories featured in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • New Speed Cameras Track Motorists From Space- Telegraph- [JUMP]
  • Microsoft Cracks Open Windows Cloud Management Service- Channel Register- [JUMP]
  • Media Lab 3D Studio Brings Interactive Floor Plan Technology to the New Richmond American Homes Website- PR News- [JUMP]
  • Cisco Executes Its Stadium Vision, Monitors to Mobile Gadgets- Sports Techy– [JUMP]
  • AT&T Boost iPhone Data, Voice Service in New York- eWeek– [JUMP]
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April 25 – "Parental Control From Cyberbullying" with Neil Book

22 04 2010

Neil Book began his career with AT&T and joins Tom this week to cover a topic at the top of all parent’s list of topics they wish they knew more about. Find out more about cyberbullying – what it is, how to have a dialogue with your kids about it and ways you can minimize your kids way of becoming a victim.

Along with our Week In Review, we’ll also tell you how you can attend the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival – for real or virtually.

We’ll stream live from KFNX at 3pm MST | 6pm EDT on Sunday, April 25

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April 18 – Week In Review

19 04 2010

Joe Zeto stopped by to discuss several important aspects of “FiberChannel over Ethernet” [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN].

Here are the stories that were featured in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • MI5 Staff Who Lack Computer Skills Made Redundant- BBC News- [JUMP]
  • Flowserve Finalizes Joint Venture Contact with SUFA Technology Industry Company- Market Watch- [JUMP]
  • Intel’s Light Peak Technology Could Kill USB 3.0- Wired- [JUMP]
  • 5 Ways the Apple iPad Can Revolutionize Soccer- EPL Talk- [JUMP]
  • NYC Cable Cos. Let WiFi Roam and Users Get More Free Hot Spots- Gigaom– [JUMP]
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April 18- FiberChannel over Ethernet (FCoE)

19 04 2010

Joe Zeto stops by to discuss “FiberChannel over Ethernet.” Specifically, he will address what FiberChannel over Ethernet (FCoE) is, why companies are adopting FCoE, and how it can be implemented into the workforce.

Joe is a marketing evangelist for Ixia Technology. He has worked for 17 years dealing with wireless and IP networking, both from the engineering and marketing sides. Joe also has experience dealing with Enterprise Switching, Storage Networking, and Wireless Infrastructure product lines.
The show will air this Sunday, April 18, 2010 @ 6 pm EDT | 3 pm MST. You can listen to the show on KFNX-1100 if you live in the Greater Phoenix area, or can stream it live from this link.
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April 4- Week In Review

19 04 2010

Nasser Mirzai stopped by to discuss “Software as a Service: What You Need To Know.” Specifically, he addressed how technology is changing, a more detailed description of SaaS, and what are the main benefits of SaaS.

Here are the stories featured from the Week In Review portion on the show:
  • Looking at the iPad From Two Angles- NY Times- [JUMP]
  • Technical Error Hits Google China- BBC News- [JUMP]
  • Greenpeace Issues Warning About Data Centre Power- BBC- [JUMP]
  • Think’s Electric Cars To Roll Into New York- CNET– [JUMP]
  • NFL’s Next Frontier: Harness Technology, Satisfy Savvy Fans- USA Today- [JUMP]
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April 4- Software As A Service

2 04 2010

This week, Nasser Mirzai discusses “Software as a Service- What You Need to Know” [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN]. Nasser has 15 years experience in design, evaluation, and development of technology strategy and policy. He joined Tradebeam in 2007 and is responsible for managing the company’s production data center.

The show will air this Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 6 pm EDT | 3 pm MST on KFNX- 1100 in the Greater Phoenix area or can be streamed live from this link at the same time.
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