May 23- Week In Review

26 05 2010

This week’s show is the “Evolving Sales of the Tech Channel” featuring Sam Liu [DOWNLOAD/LISTEN]. Sam is the Vice President of Marketing for Partnerpedia. The show will be available for download shortly.

Here are the stories featured in the Week In Review portion of the show:
  • Sacramento Mayor Launches ‘Green Initiatives’- Sacbee– [JUMP]
  • SAIL Announces Investment In Power Plant Efficiency Technology- Market Watch- [JUMP]
  • Wii Kindle Will Dominate Race for Technology Supremacy, or Will It Be Done By Apple’s Own?- Signature 9- [JUMP]
  • Japanese Woos World Cup With High Tech- The Independent- [JUMP]
  • Nuke Plant Near NYC Likely To Survive State Ruling- Google News- [JUMP]
Come back Thursday for a description of the show this week!!!



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