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3 08 2010
Feed me, Seymour!

from Flickr user reivax - used under Creative Commons License

Hope you listened to the August 1 show with Dick Davies [SHOW PAGE].  You can link over to the show and start listening as you update and add to your TechTalk feeds and emails…

Our podcast feed was on a show from earlier this year for a while.  Our former hosting site, GCast, stopped accepting uploads in January.  It took a while, but our feeds are back in business.  We were waiting until we could implement a solution that would be simple on the backend but include all the niceties users expect.

Those of you already subscribed to our Podcast RSS Feed should get an update with the most recent shows (through August 1) – same goes for those who get the show feed by email.  We are also happy to announce our new Shared News that you can get through RSS, Email or just check the webpage where the feed goes.

We know there is a ton of tech news out there.  We’ll sift through the pile to bring you what is important to you, both personally and professionally.




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