Social Media Demystification & Tech-etiquette

5 08 2010
Nazca Lines, Peru

from NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr - used under Creative Commons License.

This week’s show ‘Developing a Social Media Strategy’ with Bill Seaver will put your company on the right path in the social media market.  Is social media for all companies? Should we have a plan? How do we put it all together? Bill answers these questions and helps you decide if social media is right for your company and the next step to take.

Our Week In Review will clue you in on Google’s new joint investment, and we Wave goodbye to a good idea with little adoption.  With all the big kids touting their cloud services, we’ll tell you about CloudSleuth – the radar gun of cloud services.  Those along with cheap PCs at a NYC tech bazaar (check the box before you leave) and more.

As tea time approaches, we remind you to check your Tech-etiquette.   Geoffrey Webb‘s “10 Rules of Tech-etiquette” article piles all your pet peeves into one place …or provides a point ripe for self-reflection and intervention about your annoying tech taboos.  How many of these do you do?  Will it make you think the next time you are about to check your BlackBerry on impulse?




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