Where did you come from?

7 10 2010


Marshalite traffic signal. Formerly fitted in ...

Image via Wikipedia


…Not in the philosophical sense, but in the genealogical one.  If you are interested in finding out, then this week’s show is for you.  Chuck Roberts joins Tom to tell us all about how to use your computer to build a family tree.  From general information on getting started to details about the best ways to organize what you find, this week’s show will give you the best of the digital and analog when tackling such a task. Find out more at the [SHOW PAGE].

Before the interview, our Week in Review will start and end with energy savings in data centers, move on through with smart traffic lights on to something else creepy about Facebook that may have slipped past you and your account settings.  And while we cover telecommunications, these fiber optics for the human nervous system from SMU and DARPA will look into the future of medical technology.




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