Finding the sweet spot

20 01 2011
Comcast Center, the headquarters of Comcast - ...

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The sports’ metaphor about the ‘sweet spot’ is being extended to your gadgets this weekend.  Computers, phones and USB grills can all be bought when they first come out, but there is an ‘early adopter’ tax.  And you might get a great deal on a laser disc player but won’t find the newest releases on Amazon or have luck at a Redbox.  Somewhere in the middle is the Goldilocks sweet spot – not too high, not too low.

Find out more about the Sweet Spot on the SHOW PAGE.

Other tech news this week includes Comcast and NBC merging to own both Park Place and Boardwalk (along with most of the Railroads), Google Voice will port your number and other signs of the apocalypse to be covered in the Week In Review.

Here are some stories to keep you busy until we are on this Sunday at 5pm EST | 3pm MST.



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