Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!

25 04 2011

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, hope you found the prize egg at your local Easter egg hunt.

And today we want to wish both our host, Tom D’Auria, and our producer, (that’s me) Taylor Redden, a very Happy Birthday. The two just found out they both share the same birthday, but not quite near the same year. Also born on this day, Al Pacino. So here’s a wonderful birthday to him as well.

Because of Easter this week, we will just be going to be playing a previous recording, but we will be back next week with a new guest.

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Egyptian Government, Little Old Ladies, the Cloud and You.

18 04 2011
Digital Footprint in the Clouds (Day 151)

Image by vanhookc via Flickr

What does the Egyptian government and little old ladies have to do with the Internet and you? Well not to much on the surface, but both of them had shut down the internet to entire countries. One on purpose, the other on accident. So how safe is putting all your eggs in the cloud basket? Tech Talk has invited Siamak Farah to come discuss this exact issue.

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Personal Technology Foundation

8 04 2011
Students taking a computerized exam

Image by Extra Ketchup via Flickr

This week we welcome back friend of the show Gabe Goldberg to teach us the Fundamentals of Technology. Gabe will discuss the basics of technology, what kinds of hardware to choose, software programs to run, and add-ons  to consider. Of course we will also have our week in review for all the technology going on in New York City, and around the world.

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