eWaste and Recycling Electronics

25 05 2011

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If you’re a techie like me, you probably have around 3 or 4 computers, a couple of printers, and a scanner back in the closet. What are you supposed to do with all those old machines? Well Paul Fermin is here to help solve the problem. Paul Fermin began in retail in 1992, after 12 years in the U.S. Army. His retail career has taken him from California to New York and back with several companies, including  Home Depot and Sears, where he was bitten with the love for electronics. Paul served a district manager for Circuit City where he helped build the firedog brand. He Joined Best Buy in May 2010.

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Guarding Against Identity Theft

19 05 2011

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identity theft

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Identity Theft. I can be a very scary thing. But not to worry, because Jay Foley is here and on the case. Jay Foley is the Executive Director and co founder of the Identity Theft Resource Center.  He has been working in the area of Identity theft for more than 14 years.  His first experience with identity theft was helping his wife restore her own name after her employer stole it. Join us this week as Tom asks Jay what is Identity Theft, how does it happen, what can you do to prevent it, and what do you do if it has already happened?

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Blogging, Podcasting, and New Media

10 05 2011

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Joining us this week is Rick Calvert, the CEO and Co-Founder of BlogWorld and New Media Expo.

In 2005, after experiencing unexpected success with his political blog, Rick Calvert, began searching for the blogging tradeshow. When he realized no such event existed he launched BlogWorld & New Media Expo and attracted 1,600 attendees. Five years later, and following a 40% attendance growth over last year’s show, BlogWorld has expanded to two shows, one in NYC on May 24-26 and L.A. on Nov. 3-5.

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Addressing Security with Cloud and Managed Services

4 05 2011

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Join us this week with Kevin Clark  as we discuss how to address security cloud and managed services. Mr. Clark specializes in working with clients on their strategic cloud and managed services needs.  This includes helping clients analyze their IT operational requirements and architecting solutions that will reduce operational costs while increasing service levels and reducing overall risk. Mr. Clark brings a wealth of knowledge on how to utilize technology solutions to increase efficiency.

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