Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review

24 08 2011

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With the release of the 8th Installment of OS X from Apple, we have wondered, how is it? Now if your like me, you usually wait a little while before adopting the a OS version. But there are plenty of people who have installed the Update since day 1, or even before. John C. Welch is one of those people, and he’s come to share information about it with us.

Mac OS X Lion's New Wallpapers

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John C. Welch is the Director of IT for the / zimmerman / agency, one-third of Angry Mac Bastards, the mind behind, a regular contributor to Macworld Magazine and a regular speaker at MacWorld Expo since 1999, and on the Mac IT conference committee for Macworld Expo. He has been dealing with all things Macintosh since the Lisa, and has been involved with networking and the Mac in IT for twenty years It is rumored that he has non-computer parts of his life as well, such as his son, Alex, his amazingly talented wife, Melissa, his guitar, and a long involvement with Korean Martial Arts.

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WiFi Sniffing

14 08 2011

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Did you hear about Google getting into some trouble, for something called WiFi sniffing? Not really sure what it is? Well Steve Posciask is here to help.

For over twenty-five years, Mr. Pociask has been involved in consumer public policy research. He has published numerous economic studies, including three books for the Economic Policy Institute, and policy studies for numerous independent nonprofit organizations. Many of his research studies have focused the consequences of public policies on consumer welfare. He has appeared numerous times in the media, including Bloomberg News, NBC, FOX, New York Times, and CNET Radio. He has completed his Ph.D. coursework in economics and has an M.A. in economics from George Mason University.

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Small Business IT Disaster Recovery (and Prevention)

9 08 2011

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Small business owners and management are often so overwhelmed by day-to-day business operations that it is easy to ignore the silent threat of a technology or other disaster. However, it is critical for all businesses to have some plan in place for when the unexpected happens. Listen in this week as Nick Webb outlines how your business can get started.

Ruins from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, ...

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Nick Webb is the founder of Seattle, Washington based Red Wire Services, LLC and has made a career of designing solutions that improve data availability and enable disaster recovery. Nick brings more than 10 years of experience planning, implementing and maintaining best practice solutions for systems management for a wide range of organizations. His firm, Red Wire Services, specializes in preparing small businesses to survive technological disasters — while also helping unprepared organizations recover their data and systems so they can return to operation.

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Print and Publishing Technology

1 08 2011

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Newer technologies, such as inkjet printing, xerography, and large-format printing, as well as cross-media publishing, have opened the door to infinitely variable digital printing, which can target each reader individually. Also, electronic quality control (such as electronic-eye feedback loops and recordable press ink controls) have allowed fewer people to run presses while producing higher quality work. While the advent of new technologies has allowed marketers to combine ink on paper with Internet advertising and e-commerce, print is far from dead or dying. Join us this week as Steven Waxman leads us through the world of print and publishing technology.

Steven Waxman is a printing broker and writer. He finds offset, digital, and large-format printers for clients, negotiates the pricing, and then helps coordinate all aspects of the print jobs from file submission to delivery.

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He also writes monthly Quick Tips articles and an ongoing blog about printing for The Printing Industry Exchange website. These articles teach the basics of printing technology to graphic designers and print buyers to help them make more effective and financially astute decisions in their work.  As a side business, Steven installs “standees,” posters, banners, static clings, etc., at movie theaters with his fiancee, Michele.

Steven has been in the printing industry for thirty-four years working as a writer, editor, print buyer, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and production manager. During his career, Steven has consulted with Congressional Quarterly on workflow and finances related to CQ’s print publications, and served as Manager of Art and Production at the Close Up Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of the Northwest Current newspaper.

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