Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review

24 08 2011

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With the release of the 8th Installment of OS X from Apple, we have wondered, how is it? Now if your like me, you usually wait a little while before adopting the a OS version. But there are plenty of people who have installed the Update since day 1, or even before. John C. Welch is one of those people, and he’s come to share information about it with us.

Mac OS X Lion's New Wallpapers

Image by halilgokdal via Flickr

John C. Welch is the Director of IT for the / zimmerman / agency, one-third of Angry Mac Bastards, the mind behind, a regular contributor to Macworld Magazine and a regular speaker at MacWorld Expo since 1999, and on the Mac IT conference committee for Macworld Expo. He has been dealing with all things Macintosh since the Lisa, and has been involved with networking and the Mac in IT for twenty years It is rumored that he has non-computer parts of his life as well, such as his son, Alex, his amazingly talented wife, Melissa, his guitar, and a long involvement with Korean Martial Arts.

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