Privacy is a Privilege, Not a Right – Tips for Monitoring Children’s Online Activity

3 10 2011

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Frederick Lane, attorney and computer forensics expert, understands that while new technologies offer children avenues for accessing information and communicating with friends and family, they also make it incumbent upon parents to monitor their child’s online activity. In an informative interview, Lane will equip parents with tips on how to monitor their children’s online activities, in addition to explaining the implications of common cybertraps.

Frederick Lane is an author, attorney, expert witness, and professional speaker on the legal and cultural implications of emerging technology. Lane graduated Boston College Law School and practiced law for five years before launching his own computer consulting business which ultimately led him to his work in computer forensics. For the past 12 years, he has worked as a computer forensics expert, serving on a wide variety of cases, including copyright infringement, stalking, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property, obscenity, and child pornography. In addition to his professional background, Lane has served on the Burlington School Board in Vermont since October 2001 and served as chairman of the Board for the past two years. He is the author of 5 highly acclaimed books, most recently Cybertraps for the Young. Lane is also the father of two teenage boys.

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