Internet Standards

11 10 2011

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Standards — specifications of communication protocols and interfaces — form the basis for how the Internet operates, and, as a result, for most things we use our computers for nowadays. In this Tech Talk conversation with Barry Leiba, who has been working on Internet standards development for the last fifteen years, we’ll look into what Internet standards are, why they’re important, how they’re developed, and what’s still in the works

Mobile web standards evolution

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Barry is a Standards Manager at Huawei Technologies.  Until 2009 he was a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM’s Research Division, and worked for IBM since 1977.  He’s worked on email and related technology since the early 1980s, and currently focuses on the “Internet of Things”, messaging and collaboration on mobile platforms, security and privacy of Internet applications, and Internet standards development and deployment.

Barry has been active in the Internet Engineering Task Force for about fifteen years, is an author of a number of current and pending proposed standards, chairs four working groups (OAUTH, DKIM, MARF, and APPSAWG), and served on the Internet Architecture Board from 2007 to 2009.

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