Graduates Today, CEOs Tomorrow

24 10 2011

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FedEx, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are all companies started by college students who chose to innovate and create their own job rather then look for one in the corporate world.  Sadly, with the passing of Steve Jobs and his famous speech about not living someone else’s life, I thought you might be interested in speaking with executives from companies that have been created by college students.  Given the current economic situation in the U.S., this is an important topic—innovation.  What types of companies can these students create?

College Graduation

Image by ajagendorf25 via Flickr

Jonathan Simkin, CEO of is a great example.  A recent college graduate, he took his issues with the college book store and created what is now the largest online aggregator of college text books.  He is available to discuss what made him create his own life and journey rather than job search in an overcrowded marketplace.

Jonathan Simkin is founder and CEO of SwoopThat LLC, a San Diego-based technology company that offers parents with college-bound students a free service which can save them up to 75-percent on the costs of college textbook. Prior to founding SwoopThat, Jonathan worked at Advisors Asset Management where he assisted the sales team with portfolio analysis, Bloomberg quotes, and database management.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an Economics Concentration from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif.  In his spare time, he enjoys hockey, ping pong, and options & derivative trading.

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