Tips for Buying and Saving on This Year’s Top Tech Gifts

21 12 2011

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As wish lists grow ever longer by the year, so, it seems, do the wants and needs loved ones. When “mommy I wants” become more frequent, it’s imperative to consider what products to save for, how to save, and when to buy. Christmas is an unmistakable time of year, one characterized by busy streets, furrowed eyebrows, and the shrill cry of electronic anti-theft columns. Once plump wallets are quickly thinned and saving becomes a necessity. Fortunately, there are experts such as Sarah Platte who are knowledgeable on subject such as buying and saving… two topics that keep us adults scratching our heads when the bank statements arrive after the holidays.Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

Sarah Platte is a consumer savings expert for, who strives to teach shoppers how to get the best prices on everything from travel and electronics, to subscriptions and shoes. She was recently featured on Fox and ABC local news networks.

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Hiring 2.0 with HireVue

14 12 2011

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Who really knew? Traditional interviews are expensive, inefficient, unstructured and inconvenient for all parties involved. As the jobs numbers improve and companies gear up for more hiring, now is the time for companies to consider transforming how they interview.HireVue Logo

Digital interviewing technology is gaining popularity with companies in all industries across the country.  The technology streamlines and standardizes the process for all types of interviews – whether digital, phone, in-person or On Demand.  On Demand interviews are helping companies screen better and more easily identify best-fit candidates, while helping them spend less time and money doing it.

HireVue is a leading provider of digital interviewing solutions.  David recently joined the company as its CEO because he’s seen how HireVue’s solutions are transforming the way companies interview.

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Join the Season of Giving with Next Jump

7 12 2011

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Today’s show will be a conversation with Founder and CEO of Next Jump, Charlie Kim. He’ll spend time today talking with us about growing his company into the premier provider of rewards and loyalty programs in the U.S., Next Jump’s investment in the future of engineering in America, and how to bring technology into the classroom for just pennies on the dollar.

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Charlie Kim is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Next Jump, described by the New York Times as “a bellwether for the next generation of ecommerce.”  While building Next Jump from the ground up, Mr. Kim gained professional experience working in the Information Technology and Human Resources groups of Morgan Stanley in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo from 1995 to 1997. He returned to Boston in April 1997 to grow the Next Jump brand full-time and expanded Next Jump from a one-person operation to a multi-layered corporation by successfully raising millions in independent investments from Wall Street’s most influential players.  Within the company, Charlie’s innovation and dedication to human capital initiatives have created a best-in-class standard for employee fitness, nutrition, vacation and philanthropy.

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New York’s Electronic Equipment Reuse and Recycling Act

3 12 2011

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The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act was signed into law on May 28, 2010, with the bulk of the Act, effective as of April 1, 2011. The law will ensure that every New Yorker will have the opportunity to recycle their electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. We’ve invited Stephen Leone to the show to help explain the ramifications of this mandate.

With 20+ years experience in the waste management industry, Stephen is a 3rd generation recycler with the considerable expertise required to ensure better environmental outcomes for our city through eRecycleNY. In his current position as President of Industrial Carting and Emerson Recycling, he works with NYC businesses to create cost-effective programs for managing recyclables, including cardboard, paper, plastics, textiles and organic wastes. eRecycleNY fills the need for electronics recyclers in the New York City area.

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