Is This Thing On? – Computer Tips for Late Bloomers

5 02 2012


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“Likes”, tweets, apps, downloads, and text messages, oh my! As the landscape of technology explodes with innovations and new gadgets almost daily, the digital divide continues to broaden for “digital immigrants” (those baby boomers and beyond who were not born with a mouse and keyboard in hand), while “digital natives” take to it all like fish to water. Abby Stokes, author of “Is This Thing On? A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes and the Kicking & Screaming, offers a reassuring, jargon-free conversation to let the digitally challenged in on what everyone else is talking about.

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Abby Stokes has demystified computers for over 140,000 people, mostly seniors, in the course of the past 17 years. Abby has taught courses in basic computing at both Cooper Union and New York University’s School of Lifelong Learning, as well as computer skills to private and corporate clients. She has lectured on the topic across the country. A firm believer that “if my mother can learn the computer anyone can,” Abby is confident that everyone can master the computer and navigate the Internet. Abby’s best selling book “Is This Thing On?” A computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming has just been updated.




Week In Review Links


  1. New York City Department of Transportation Collaborates with Streetline to Test Smart Parking Technology in NYC
  2. Facebook Files to Raise $5B in Biggest Internet IPO
  3. Verizon Wireless-Comcast Deal Meets Political Resistance
  4. NY Theaters Riddled With Bad Cellphone Behavior
  5. State of New York Subpoenas Twitter Over Occupy Wall Street Account






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