Alternate Ways to fund your Start Up

18 03 2012


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By this point you’ve all heard of Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds to help get your start up off the ground. But what are some other options? How do those options differ for a pure start up, versus a start up that has perhaps already been in business for a while? Ann Kayman is here to answer these questions and more.

New York City

Ann Kayman is CEO and owner of the New York Grant Company, her brainchild formed in 2002 after serving for four years in the Giuliani and Bloomberg Administrations as head of Business Development and Senior VP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  After 9/11, she was appointed to direct the City’s efforts to help with the recovery of 20,000 lower Manhattan businesses.

Ann’s latest venture, NYG Green Partners, LLC assists building owners in NYC to comply with the new Greener, Greater Buildings legislation, while raising the funding necessary to pay for energy efficient retrofits and compliance.

Week In Review Links

  1. Contractor Involved in CityTime Case to Pay NY Over $500 Million
  2. NY Marketing Firm Uses Homeless for South by Southwest WiFi Spots
  3. AT&T Bringing 4G LTE to Staten Island
  4. Yahoo sues Facebook for infringing 10 patents
  5. Iran may have committed cyber-attack on BBC



Copyright Law and Acyronyms: What is SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA

11 03 2012

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Ever see all those letters together, but have no clue what they mean? You remember the day that Wikipedia, Reddit and other websites protested by shutting down for a day in opposition to these proposed laws? Well we have Theresa Payton with us to help explain what all of this means.

Ms. Theresa Payton is a well-known and highly respected national authority on cybersecurity, e-crime and fraud mitigation, and technology implementation. Ms. Payton has over twenty years of advanced business and security technology expertise and leadership at the highest levels of both government and in the financial services industry.

Week In Review Links

  1. Cuomo Launches Interactive Map of School District Teacher Evaluations
  2. All NYC Restaurant Grades Are Now Available On Your Apple Device
  3. Apple unveils 4G iPad
  4. Netflix Expands Apple TV Alliance With ITunes
  5. Toyota Recalls More Than 680,000 Tacoma, Camry and Venza Vehicles

The Electronic Music Renaissance

4 03 2012

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We talk with LA-based musician/ethnomusicologist John von Seggern about recent trends in electronic dance music and why everyone is talking about Skrillex these days.

DJ Alain

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John von has been at the forefront of the digital music revolution since his first computer DJ gigs in 1999 with his Hong Kong-based group Digital Cutup Lounge, one of Asia’s first DJ acts to use computers in performance. Since then he has been involved in many different aspects of the contemporary music industry, including work as a remixer, sound designer, film composer, academic, author, and all-around music software guru.

Week In Review Links

  1. DiNapoli Says New York Office for Technology Wasted Millions
  2. Google Continues to Grow NY Office
  3. Microsoft releases Windows Server 8 beta
  4. AT&T Adjusts Data-Throttling Policy in Response to Customer Complaints
  5. Activision Blizzard cuts 600 jobs

Technology in Education Innovations

1 03 2012

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This week on the show, we have Matthew Pittinsky with us to discuss how technology is shaping the Future of Education. Today we will be schooled on everything from Smart Boards to academic analytics.English: Blackboard

Dr. Pittinsky is the editor of The Wired Tower, a book published in June 2002 analyzing the Internet’s impact on higher education, as well as a variety of scholarly research articles in the fields of sociology and education. Matthew is currently CEO of Parchment Inc and leads all facets of of the company’s mission to unleash education credentials, by unlocking the critical data they embody. In 1997 he co-founded Blackboard Inc., serving first as CEO and then Executive Chairman. Millions of students across the world use Blackboard technologies.

Week In Review Links

  1. Alternative Non-Venture Ways to Raise Capital in NY
  2. NJ Retailers Organize Against Amazon Tax Exemption
  3. Will Taxi Commission Replace TV with Tablets?
  4. Electronic Music Maestros Kraftwerk to Play Eight Nights at MoMA
  5. OnLive Desktop Plus adds Flash and Windows to your iPad, for $5 a month
  6. Google to Launch TV Service

Google and Cloud Services in 2012

1 03 2012

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Google is everywhere, and so many people use it. Always on the forefront of cloud technologies, starting with gMail, and continuing with Google Docs and more, they aren’t done yet. So what does Google have to offer us in 2012? This week we have cloud expert David Schulman with us to get us the lowdown.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Mr. Schulman has 30 years experience in information technology. Prior to founding CloudOPX, he formed PracticeOne an application service provider delivering electronic medical records, prescription writing and fulfillment, scheduling, billing and collections for the ambulatory care physician community. Prior to PracticeOne, he founded Business Engineering, Inc., a network integration firm with more than 300 customers in the greater Washington, DC, area, and served as its president for 14 years.

Week In Review Links

  1. New York Moves Ahead With Road Map for the Digital City
  2. A Smartphone Can Be a Ticket to Ride
  3. Fighting iPhone crime? The NYPD has an app for that
  4. Silicon Alley Creates NY Real Estate Boom
  5. FLA says Apple Working Conditions in China Better Than Norm