Google and Cloud Services in 2012

1 03 2012

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Google is everywhere, and so many people use it. Always on the forefront of cloud technologies, starting with gMail, and continuing with Google Docs and more, they aren’t done yet. So what does Google have to offer us in 2012? This week we have cloud expert David Schulman with us to get us the lowdown.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Mr. Schulman has 30 years experience in information technology. Prior to founding CloudOPX, he formed PracticeOne an application service provider delivering electronic medical records, prescription writing and fulfillment, scheduling, billing and collections for the ambulatory care physician community. Prior to PracticeOne, he founded Business Engineering, Inc., a network integration firm with more than 300 customers in the greater Washington, DC, area, and served as its president for 14 years.

Week In Review Links

  1. New York Moves Ahead With Road Map for the Digital City
  2. A Smartphone Can Be a Ticket to Ride
  3. Fighting iPhone crime? The NYPD has an app for that
  4. Silicon Alley Creates NY Real Estate Boom
  5. FLA says Apple Working Conditions in China Better Than Norm



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