The Electronic Music Renaissance

4 03 2012

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We talk with LA-based musician/ethnomusicologist John von Seggern about recent trends in electronic dance music and why everyone is talking about Skrillex these days.

DJ Alain

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John von has been at the forefront of the digital music revolution since his first computer DJ gigs in 1999 with his Hong Kong-based group Digital Cutup Lounge, one of Asia’s first DJ acts to use computers in performance. Since then he has been involved in many different aspects of the contemporary music industry, including work as a remixer, sound designer, film composer, academic, author, and all-around music software guru.

Week In Review Links

  1. DiNapoli Says New York Office for Technology Wasted Millions
  2. Google Continues to Grow NY Office
  3. Microsoft releases Windows Server 8 beta
  4. AT&T Adjusts Data-Throttling Policy in Response to Customer Complaints
  5. Activision Blizzard cuts 600 jobs



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