Thorium: Energy Cheaper Than Coal

24 04 2012

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Electricity produced by a liquid fluoride thorium reactor promises to be cheaper than electricity produced by burning coal. Replacing coal burning power stations is the fastest way to slow atmospheric CO2 emissions and to stop particulate soot that kills millions of people.


Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few nations will adopt carbon taxes or energy policies against their economic self-interests to reduce collective CO2 emissions. Energy cheaper than coal will dissuade all nations from burning coal. Innovative, less expensive energy technology relies on economic persuasion to end the pollution, to provide energy and prosperity to impoverished peoples, and to create energy security for all for all time.

Robert Hargraves graduated from Dartmouth, then got a PhD in physics at Brown, then taught math and computer science at Dartmouth and contributed to development of the time sharing system there. He pursued a career in software development, information technology consulting and management. Retired from Boston Scientific where he managed information technology.

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