Welcome to The Explanation Age

29 04 2012

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The age-old question of “who gets to decide?” has recently been answered as “the group” as social media plays a bigger role in everything from what movie to watch, to which politician to elect. The focus is now on the tools and terminology that go into “collaborative” decision making, and the knowledge systems that present the “outcomes” of those decisions. The timing is critical for this next wave of technology, as concerns rise over decision transparency, brain-drain, accountability, business innovation, and education reform.

John Lewis holds a doctoral degree in educational psychology from the University of Southern California, with a dissertation focus on mental models and decision making. John is a knowledge management business consultant and speaker, and a member of The George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation. John is the author of the book “The Explanation Age,” which provides tools for the coming age of knowledge and decision transparency, with implications for business, education, and governments.

Week In Review Links

  1. Mayor Bloomberg Announces the Winners of NYC BigApps 3.0
  2. Mayor Bloomberg Angry Over NYC311 App
  3. Manhattan Center Undergoes HD Facelift
  4. Space Shuttle Discovery Enters Smithsonian for Museum Display
  5. Draw Something Finally Gets Facebook and Twitter Support, ‘Save’ Feature



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