CrowdControl – The Human Powered Computer

27 05 2012

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This week we explore the latest innovations combining crowdsourcing, web harvesting and natural language processing software by using artificial intelligence to produce near real-time data and scalable processes. Learn how companies are applying the evolution of work to collect, control, validate and enrich data and streamline data processes with Max Yankelevich.

Crowdsourcing Coversourcing

Crowdsourcing Coversourcing (Photo credit: tsevis)

Max Yankelevich is an expert on applying crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to business processes, data management and quality control. Yankelevich has changed the perception of crowdsourcing for many decision makers and his expertise has led the industry to latch on to the next version – accessible, scalable and accountable crowdsourcing.

Yankelevich is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s computer science program; he is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in large scale cloud computing and start-up technology companies. He has provided architectural guidance to Fortune 500 companies, such as JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, AIG, Deutsche Bank, ADP and Amerada Hess.


Interop Expo 2012 Coverage from Las Vegas

20 05 2012

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Join us this week for our coverage of Interop 2012 in Las Vegas. But first, our Week in Review and their accompanied links.

Interop 2012 Expo

Week In Review Links

  1. Poor Broadband Could Hinder NY Tech Growth
  2. Mayor Bloomberg shows off NYC’s vibrant tech scene with an online map
  3. New York City’s Green Book Becomes Online Directory
  5. Windows 8 to Let Parents Get Weekly Reports About Kids’ Activity
  6. Analyst predicts new Macbooks and iMacs in June

How to Get Geeks to Work for You

13 05 2012

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This week’s show is a conversation with Tom about the keys to success in technology. So many technology projects fail, and learned some key secrets to success in that world.

An Evening with the Fortune 500, May 7, 2012

An Evening with the Fortune 500, May 7, 2012 (Photo credit: Fortune Live Media)

Tom Cooper started his career in technology as a geek. He has a degree in computer science and for almost a decade ran Linux at home for all of his computing needs. He spent more than 20 years in technology, leading teams in building solutions for companies from startups to Fortune 500. He watched many projects and teams struggle and fail, so he set out to find out why. Along that journey he became an expert in how people work, and today wants to share some ideas about how to influence others with all of us.

Week In Review Links

  1. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Joins Avenza PDF Maps App Digital Map Store
  2. Twitter Defends User’s Privacy Over Occupy Wall St. Subpoena
  3. Gaming and Music Take Center Stage at Startup Weekend NYC
  4. Facebook is getting its own app store for all devices, all platforms, all prices
  5. Google+ iPhone App Gets an Update

Making your own Tech!

6 05 2012

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With open source hardware and a little bit of programming skill the sky is the limit on making your own cool Tech toys, tools or even do rapid prototyping of the next big thing!

GPS モジュール動いたっぽい

GPS モジュール動いたっぽい (Photo credit: Matoken)

You do not need to know a lot of electronics or even how to solder these are module based with touch screens and just about any type of sensor you can think of, from a GPS receiver to light and humidity sensors, cell phone transmitters, video cameras and input devices like joysticks and buttons.

Sean Westcott trained as an electronics technician and started his career as a bench tech at an industrial manufacturer of precision controls. He works in IT at MBP, Inc. in Fairfax.. He is the coauthor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electronics 101.

Week In Review Links

  1. Internet Week New York Coming on May 14
  2. Columbia to distribute $2 million in grant money to find ‘best practices’ in digital media
  3. BlackBerry maker promises LTE PlayBook, but needs developers
  4. EA recants on Rock Band
  5. Cisco To Buy Network Data Analysis Software Maker Truviso