CrowdControl – The Human Powered Computer

27 05 2012

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This week we explore the latest innovations combining crowdsourcing, web harvesting and natural language processing software by using artificial intelligence to produce near real-time data and scalable processes. Learn how companies are applying the evolution of work to collect, control, validate and enrich data and streamline data processes with Max Yankelevich.

Crowdsourcing Coversourcing

Crowdsourcing Coversourcing (Photo credit: tsevis)

Max Yankelevich is an expert on applying crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to business processes, data management and quality control. Yankelevich has changed the perception of crowdsourcing for many decision makers and his expertise has led the industry to latch on to the next version – accessible, scalable and accountable crowdsourcing.

Yankelevich is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s computer science program; he is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in large scale cloud computing and start-up technology companies. He has provided architectural guidance to Fortune 500 companies, such as JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, AIG, Deutsche Bank, ADP and Amerada Hess.



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