Augmented Reality

17 06 2012

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You remember the Holodeck from Star Trek right? Well we aren’t quite there yet, but we’ve been making some serious progress in the realm of Augmented Reality these days. With things coming out like Google Glass, and other mobile apps, augmented reality technology is becoming… a reality.English: A smartphone app called MagicPlan use...

Jim McKeeth is a developer evangelist for RemObjects Software – this requires him to stay informed on various technologies and break them down into training materials for developers. He is working on an augmented reality solution with the Android powered Moverio BT-100 glasses from Epson. Jim specialized in RemObjects Software’s technologies on .NET, Android, Java, iOS, Delphi and JavaScript.

Week In Review Links

  1. Brooklyn Pub Serves Up iPads & iPods
  2. Free AT&T Wi-Fi Lights up Rucker Park
  3. The next move for Facebook’s ad empire: real-time bidding
  4. ‘Expanded Tweets’ bring more content to Twitter feeds
  5. Apple WWDC 2012 Press Event



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