Scratching the Surface

1 07 2012

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Microsoft has recently revealed their tablet answer to Apple’s dominate iPad, named the Surface. Based on the new Metro UI, and equipped with some slick touch keyboard covers, some believe this is a product that can compete strongly in the mobile market. One of those people is Russ

Russ Colburn is the owner of Colburn Consulting, Inc. located in Southern California. He’s been in IT since 1986, developing BBS platforms – the precursors to the Internet we know today. His company specializes in small and mid-size businesses, handling hardware, software and websites for enterprises specializing in e-commerce and healthcare. He’s been a Microsoft Partner for 6 years and has been developing Microsoft solutions for 13 years.

Week In Review Links

  1. The NY Times Comes to Flipboard
  2. New MTA Campaign Warns About Gadget Theft
  3. Free WiFi Comes to NY Subways
  4. Google provides peek at Internet-connected glasses, begins selling them to US programmers
  5. Study finds more iOS users view ads than on Android



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