3D and Me: What is 3D printing, how it works, and how to get started.

26 08 2012

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If you follow technology, there’s suddenly a lot of buzz about 3D printing. But exactly what is 3D printing, anyway, and how do you get started? We talk to Jonathan Hirschman, 3D printing enthusiast, and founder of MakeIt NYC, the preeminent New York user group for Maker culture, about why 3D printing is suddenly in the news, how it works, and maybe, why you should think about getting started with it.

English: Example of replication of a real obje...

English: Example of replication of a real object by means of 3D scanning and 3D printing. The gargoyle model on the left was digitally acquired by using a 3D scanner and the produced 3D data was processed using MeshLab. The resulting digital 3D model, shown in the screen of the laptop, was used by a rapid prototyping machine to create a real resin replica of original object. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jonathan Hirschman is the founder of preeminent user group for Maker culture in New York City, called MakeIt NYC. Jonathan Hirschman has been a cutting edge technologist his entire career, having worked professionally with computer animation, advanced digital printing and publishing, and most notably, the Internet. Jonathan managed production for the first commercial website, ever, and even worked with the W3C to help create the OBJECT html tag.

Since then, Jonathan has turned his attention away from software related things, and become fascinated with , and an active user of new technologies that allow everyday people to design and make things – physical things. Since 2009, he’s written multiple patent applications, started a new career of inventing, designing and prototyping physical things for his company, Pieco. Jonathan lives and works in Brooklyn.

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Creating a Thriving Tech Community

17 08 2012



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What does it take to create a good community of techies? What resources do you need? Whats the best way to organize? If you have these same questions, then listen to our show with Liza Massey to learn what it takes to create a thriving tech community.Sponsor: Nashville Technology Council


In September 2011, Ms. Massey became the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nashville Technology Council. Prior to joining NTC, Ms. Massey founded and led The CIO Collaborative, a management consulting firm serving the public sector. Ms. Massey is a former award-winning Columnist for Public CIO Magazine. With a commitment to higher education, Ms. Massey served as an Assistant Professor for the University of Maryland, University College, where she taught courses in information systems management. She also served as an adjunct professor in the Executive MBA program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2005 – 2010.

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Big Data – Turning Pedabytes Into Gold

12 08 2012

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Big Data. Imagine taking every bit of digital material you can find, both inside and outside of your company, and combing through it to find a real, golden nugget of information. For decades, the task hasn’t been worth it. But around 2004, in the high-tech workshops of Yahoo!, Google and Facebook, engineers invented a way to do it quickly and economically. This new generation of technologies will force every company and government in the world to use its data to compete. Our show tells the story of how Big Data began, and it explores how companies and governments are reacting to this new set of possibilities.Big Data

Ken Dircks is the Managing Director of Client Solutions at SVAM International, a global consulting company based in New York that specializes in commercial implementations of Big Data. Ken has spent 22 years helping companies and governments imagine and implement technology solutions.

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Enhancing Personal Safety though Technology

5 08 2012

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Technology can be used for so many things, but one thing that hasn’t been talked about as much is how it can improve your personal safety. In today’s society, people feel lost without their mobile phones, so they carry it with them at all times, but how can this new platform be used to enhance your personal well being? That what the people with React Mobile  are here to talk about with us today.SAFETY

Grant Wallace is co-founder of React Mobile LLC. He brings over a decade of experience in communications and systems design with the last seven years focused primarily on first responder and public safety markets. Wallace joins React Mobile from CoCo Communications where he serves as a Senior Engineer. He has a Masters degree and is a member with the IEEE. He also holds a number of industry technology certificates from Cisco, Microsoft, and others. His primary responsibilities to React Mobile is to oversee and steer the development and technologies used for their line of personal e-safety products.

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