Big Data – Turning Pedabytes Into Gold

12 08 2012

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Big Data. Imagine taking every bit of digital material you can find, both inside and outside of your company, and combing through it to find a real, golden nugget of information. For decades, the task hasn’t been worth it. But around 2004, in the high-tech workshops of Yahoo!, Google and Facebook, engineers invented a way to do it quickly and economically. This new generation of technologies will force every company and government in the world to use its data to compete. Our show tells the story of how Big Data began, and it explores how companies and governments are reacting to this new set of possibilities.Big Data

Ken Dircks is the Managing Director of Client Solutions at SVAM International, a global consulting company based in New York that specializes in commercial implementations of Big Data. Ken has spent 22 years helping companies and governments imagine and implement technology solutions.

Week In Review Links

  1. NY Joins Local Government Shared Data Initative
  2. Apple beefs up security for resetting passwords
  3. Facebook moves to remedy mobile revenue woes
  4. Lenovo Kicks off Windows 8 Devices With ThinkPad Tablet 2
  5. The New Yorker Launches iPhone App



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