Creating a Thriving Tech Community

17 08 2012



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What does it take to create a good community of techies? What resources do you need? Whats the best way to organize? If you have these same questions, then listen to our show with Liza Massey to learn what it takes to create a thriving tech community.Sponsor: Nashville Technology Council


In September 2011, Ms. Massey became the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nashville Technology Council. Prior to joining NTC, Ms. Massey founded and led The CIO Collaborative, a management consulting firm serving the public sector. Ms. Massey is a former award-winning Columnist for Public CIO Magazine. With a commitment to higher education, Ms. Massey served as an Assistant Professor for the University of Maryland, University College, where she taught courses in information systems management. She also served as an adjunct professor in the Executive MBA program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas from 2005 – 2010.

Week In Review Links



  1. [drag] NJ Transit Thwarts Commuter App
  2. [drag] Manhattan DA Getting $4.2M Cyber Crime Lab
  3. [drag] Adobe Flash Player exits Android Google Play store
  4. [drag] Pinterest releases new Android, iPad apps
  5. [drag] Google Maps update for Android adds public transportation routes





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