Technology in Politics

2 09 2012

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Its that time of year again, election season. As we move closer and closer to that first Tuesday in November the candidates are doing more and more to win your vote. But how is technology playing a part in the election this year? Is social media becoming a big factor? Do candidates tweets’ matter? Join us as Tom discusses with Lee Boggs how Technology is playing a part in Politics.

Electronic Voting

Electronic Voting (Photo credit: nathangibbs)

Lee Boggs is an instructor of political marketing in the Integrated Marketing Communications department at West Virginia University and is the media services manager for a municipality. He has a master’s degree in media management from the University of Missouri and a bachelor’s in political science from Lander University. Lee has assisted political candidates with website design, social media implementation, voter outreach, fundraising and online communications in various campaigns. He is currently managing the online presence for a state candidate.

Week In Review Links

  1. WSJ Will Offer Free NY Wi-Fi Hotspots
  2. NY Kickstarts Low-Income Community Projects
  3. Bitinstant to Launch Bitcoin as Debit Card
  4. Apple rejects Drones+, app to track U.S. drone strikes
  5. Driverless cars get a push from California legislators
  6. Parallels 8 retuned for Mountain Lion, Windows 8



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