Why so Curious? The Mars Rover Curiosity

9 09 2012

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The Mars rover Curiosity had an almost perfect landing on Mars recently, but now what? What is the Rover going to do up there all alone? What kinds of things is it looking for? So many questions, here at Tech Talk, we are the curious ones. And that is why we have invited Stephen Granade to come on the show and answer all of our questions.English: Artist's rendering of a Mars Explorat...

Dr. Stephen Granade is the Director of Projects for Advanced Optical Systems, a company specializing in robotic vision systems. While at AOS, Stephen’s been involved with helping the Space Shuttle dock automatically with the Hubble Space Telescope and inventing a way for robot helicopters to locate and pick up loads without a human at the controls. He received his PhD from Duke University, where he cooled atoms to nearly absolute zero using lasers.

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